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Student Welfare

We provide a safe and secure environment for students to thrive in, and all our staff are completely dedicated to their welfare and happiness. Resident staff are available 24 hours a day to resolve student issues or questions, and to provide support outside of tuition and organised activities. All activities, whether on or off-site, are closely supervised by staff to ensure student safety, well-being and enjoyment. First Aid qualified staff are on-site at all times, and a 24-hour telephone number is provided to parents in case of emergency.
We look after students’ money through our on-site ‘bank’ where money is locked in a secure safe; it is, carefully accounted for and can be accessed for shopping trips and excursions.

Phone Policy

We want students to make the most of the experience that camp offers and believe that they should not always be on their mobile phones. In order to achieve this, we collect student phones when they arrive at camp and allow them access at set times during the day. This ensures that students make the most of the opportunities available to them to speak English and make international friends whilst still allowing them to keep in touch with friends and family.

Our Staff

We believe students learn best in a relaxed and fun environment. We bring lots of different nationalities together, mixing in with local English children, to create a camp that delivers true integration.

We select the best staff and understand this is paramount to giving students a fulfilling and fun Varsity experience. We pick our staff for their experience, skills, enthusiasm and friendliness and ensure we maintain a high ration of staff to students. This in turn allows our staff to give every student a high level of attention in all aspects of our camp and look after their individual needs.

Travel & Transfers

Bringing your child to our Summer Camp.

You are welcome to bring your child to our venue yourself; the best time to drop off is mid-afternoon. Please contact us for directions if you need them.

Airport transfer service
For an additional fee we can arrange for one of our Varsity staff members to collect your child from Gatwick and Heathrow airports. This service is for flights/trains arriving/departing between 10:00 and 20:00. Please contact us if you require a service for a different airport/station. Our staff will transport your child using either a private car, taxi or public transport and will meet the student at arrivals holding a sign showing the student’s name.

For departures, our staff member will assist with check-in and see the student safely through security. The staff member will remain in the airport/station until the flight/train has departed. All arrivals/departures are treated as unaccompanied minors.

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