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English Teaching Programme

English Teaching Programme

Our English language lessons provide an effective and progressive learning experience for students. As you would expect from a top-quality programme, everything we do is based on the best theory and practice all wrapped up in an energetic, fun package.

English classes take place either in the morning or afternoon with students split into classes with others of a similar age and ability. We teach English throughout the day to ensure that when children are not in their lessons, the ratio of British children to International Students is as high as possible.

  • Every student receives a minimum of 15 hours of English tuition per week
  • Optional 5 hours of extra English lessons available each week (extra cost)
  • Class size of up to 12 students
  • Experienced and engaging English teachers
  • End of English course report and certificate
Inside the classroom

On arrival students are assessed and then placed in small classes according to their age and ability level.

Our programme focuses on giving students more practical English, with greater attention given to speaking and listening skills. We believe that formal academic English is what most students will experience throughout their school year and therefore our aim is put what they’ve learnt into practice, as well as developing their skills and confidence. This will also be achieved through integration with English children via shared activities outside the classroom and some integrated language activities inside the classroom. Reading and writing skills will be practiced each lesson but will have a more practical focus to complement a student’s speaking skills development. In order to deliver this our teachers prepare fun and engaging lessons using a range of resources and multimedia in order to give students a varied and well-rounded experience.

Our English teachers are all specially trained and selected for their ability to deliver the curriculum in an engaging and enjoyable way. All lessons take place in our comfortable and well-equipped classrooms at Cothill.

Final Report

Student progress is continuously reviewed throughout the course in order to make sure they are making progress and being adequately challenged for their ability level. This also gives students the opportunity to move class should this better meet their learning needs.

All work is marked and feedback given by the teacher, giving students the opportunity to ask questions and get clarification on anything they may find challenging. At the end of the course all students will receive a report showing the progress made and offering advice on how best to continue their learning after the course. There will also be a graduation ceremony where certificates of study will be presented to each student who completes the Varsity International English course.

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