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Fluent English Speaker Programme

About the programme

We are delighted to be able to offer both our Multi Activity Programme and our Specialist Academy Programme to native English speakers and very high level non-native speakers (C1 and above).

Students who are accepted onto our programmes without the English Language element will take part in additional activities wherever English Classes are shown on either programme timetable.

We welcome local children as “buddies” onto the programme who will also take part in the additional morning activities on the multi-activity programme. When choosing a Specialist Academy option, in lieu of the English lessons students will join with the students on the multi activity programme who will be having activities.

This is a brilliant opportunity for students from across the world to be part of our international camp, take part in high quality activities and build friendships with other students from a range of backgrounds and cultures.

English & Activity Programme

English language teaching, social time, excursions and our exciting integrated activity programme. Suitable for all English language abilities.

Fluent English Speaker Programme

Integrated activities and specialist choice activities for native English speakers and very high level non-native speakers or C1 level and above.

Ultimate Survival Programme

Integrated bushcraft programme for children aged 8 - 14 delivered by our partner company Ultimate Survival, this course is for native English speakers and intermediate level non-native speakers (B1 and above).

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