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English Language Programme

Learn English with English children

English Language Programme

At Oxford Summer Camp we believe that the best way to learn a language is through integration. Both of our courses welcome local English children allowing our international students to make friends, and interact with, native speakers.

We have developed an English language curriculum that is structured to deliver an effective and progressive learning experience for students. On camp and during lessons and activities, students are expected to speak English at all times to further improve their language skills. The programme is constructed around the integration between British and International students to allow for language development in a practical, real-life environment. British children will be with us every weekday offering support in conversation classes whether in the academies, joining activities or accompanying us on excursions off-site.

On the first day, students are assessed and placed in small classes according to their ability level. Their progress is reviewed and evaluated throughout their stay. The Varsity English Programme is designed around the CEFR framework. Our English teachers are all qualified and selected for their ability to deliver the curriculum in an engaging and enjoyable way.


English Study

Every student receives a minimum of 15 hours of English tuition per week. We work with a class size of up to 12 students, delivered by experienced and engaging English teachers. Each student receives an English report and certificate and we support our international students when taking part in their Academy sessions.

Monitoring Process

Supporting students by monitoring their progress is a crucial aspect of language development, which is why our qualified teachers also assist on activity sessions and excursions at points during the summer, ensuring that learning can take place both in and outside of the classroom. All our specifically trained activity instructors have experience working with international students, again to allow for progress to be monitored and for staff and students to play an active role in students’ experience on camp.

Assessment and Report

All students will be closely monitored in class to ensure that they are making progress with their English language study. On the Specialist Academies students will also keep a log book during their time on the course, in English, to monitor their own development. All work will be marked and feedback will be given by the teacher. At the end of the course all students will receive a report that shows the progress made and offers advice on how best to continue their learning when they are back home.

Additional English

For students looking to work on their English, we offer 5 additional hours of English tuition each week. This will be taught in small groups and allows students to focus on any areas they may be wishing to improve. This additional tuition carries an extra cost, please see 2018 Price List.

English & Activity Programme

English language teaching, social time, excursions and our exciting integrated activity programme. Suitable for all English language abilities.

Fluent English Speaker Programme

Integrated activities and specialist choice activities for native English speakers and very high level non-native speakers or C1 level and above.

Ultimate Survival Programme

Integrated bushcraft programme for children aged 8 - 14 delivered by our partner company Ultimate Survival, this course is for native English speakers and intermediate level non-native speakers (B1 and above).

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