British Boarding School Experience

11th December 2019

Cothill House is an independent boarding school situated just 15 minutes outside of Oxford. First established in 1870, the school has been providing high quality education for young boys aged 8 – 13. Varsity has proudly been running its Residential Programme at this award-winning location for the last two years and we are looking forward to opening its doors to our international students again this summer.

Cothill’s countryside location just a few miles outside of Oxford’s hustle and bustle gives our young learners a sense of calm and security. We believe being located at a city centre venue is not as important for young learners as they are not yet old enough to explore outside of camp on their own. As such we are very aware of how essential it is to provide our Campers with a wide range of fun activities (over 40 different kinds!), in order to keep them busy and entertained, as well as to minimise any homesickness.

The school itself is split into different buildings surrounded by huge grounds, playing fields, a golf course and area of woodland. Dedicated art and craft rooms, a swimming pool, tennis courts and modern well-equipped classrooms make Cothill a perfect location for both learning and having fun. The dormitory bedrooms will have between 4 and 6 students sharing, all from different nationalities (where possible) to encourage even more English to be spoken.

For some parents, booking their child onto our residential summer programme is the perfect opportunity for their child to experience what British boarding school life is like in the UK. Some may be looking to enrol their children into boarding school in the coming years, therefore this can be a useful ‘test run’ to see how their child copes. While Varsity’s residential programme is certainly not as academically driven as a normal school day, the structure of boarding school life and the relationships that are built certainly reflect that of normal term time.

Regardless of future schooling plans, all students on our residential programmes leave with some fantastic memories, new friendships and new-found confidence in having done so well away from home – often for the first time. Year on year we welcome returning students (both International and local British) to our camp, as well as any new students looking for their next international adventure.

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Written by: Amy Huggins, Academic Programme Manager